Phobias are very irrational aversions buried in our unconscious mind. No matter how much we are aware of the nature of them, of the fact that they are not real, that there is nothing to be afraid if, our mind takes over and we can be literally petrified of…anything! My clients have reported all sorts of phobias. This is an area where hypnotherapy is one of if no the most successful therapy. The reason for this is that it works with the subconscious and can literally remove the mindset that leads us to experience fear and re-setting it so that you are no longer afraid. 

What our customers are saying

My fear of flying had taken over my whole life. I could not even look at planes in the sky, pick up a relative at the airport, go on holiday with my family or to see family. After a few sessions with Francesca what I thought impossible happened…I found myself booking a summer holiday by plane. I write this as I return from my holidays abroad where I took two flights there and back. Words cannot express my gratitude for this life changing experience.