I can't thank you enough for all you've done to help me understand my body, make better nutritional/lifestyle choices, and connect me to such an amazing community of loving practitioners like yourself.

~ Rachael B., client & student

Herbal Consultation

I use a variety of different methods to support you in your holistic growth and fulfilment in a calm, relaxing and supportive environment.During our initial consultation which is free of charge, we can evaluate together what may be blocking you from living the life you deserve and be happier, more confident and healthier in your mind, body and soul. Based on that, I can make suggestions on what therapies can assist you and facilitate your journey.

I am a fully certified Reiki Master, Hypnotherapist (Accredited by the National Hypnotherapy Societyand Personal Coach

I have a decade experience in supporting clients reaching their full potential with a variety of therapies that I tailor based on specific needs. I am a great believer that change is possible in all areas of our lives, so long as we are fully committed to it. 

I offer a completely holistic service to support you in healing your body, mind and soul re-establishing full balance that you may have temporarily lost along the way. 




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Scheduling Your Clinic Visit

The first consultation of half an hour is entirely free of charge. During this session we will be able to assess if and in which way I will be able to assist you in your journey to fulfilment. Based on that we will make a plan that is feasible for you. Please email me or call me to set up a time.


65D  Churchfield Road London W3 6AX,

[email protected]

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+44 7725558754