High levels of stress and worry generate anxiety. This can be either underlying or specific before a certain event. Some anxiety can also lead to panic attacks. This is when anxiety materialises in physical symptoms, such as a pounding of the heart and a shortness of breath. With a range of different methods I have helped hundreds of clients. Anxiety feels very real and very difficult, but it’s ultimately born of irrational fears and thought patterns. Knowing rationally that our fears are irrational clearly isn’t enough for our mind not to go off and make us become anxious. This is why methods such as hypnosis and Reiki are so powerful. In re-programming the subconscious to feel in control of mind and body, you will feel calmer and more relaxed in all situations.

What our customers are saying

Since my very first meeting with Francesca I walked out with a sense of calmness and lightness, as thought a huge weight has lifted from my back. Thanks to her support I have found inner balance that helps me react in a more balanced way to daily events.